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World of Tanks deploys its second video tutorial


All right, listen here, soldier! You learned all about the garage in the first World of Tanks tutorial. Now it's time to get into the action. just released its latest lesson about playing this unique MMO. There is a lot to learn, and although the controls may seem familiar at first there are a few twists that may throw you for a loop.

This is where the actual fighting starts. By the end of this second World of Tanks tutorial, you should have all the basics down on how to engage an enemy. The step-by-step instructions will teach you how to read the mini-map, target enemies at specific ranges, lock on targets for close ranged battles, and maneuvering your monstrous vehicle.

If you are into strategy and war gaming or if you just like to blow stuff up, check out the video after the break, then march on over to the official World of Tanks website to sign up for beta testing. Ten hut! Forward march!

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