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The Daily Grind: What enemy groups do you feel are overused?

Eliot Lefebvre

There's no denying that the Praetorian Clockwork of City of Heroes are a cool-looking gang of robots. They're powerful, military, and intimidating in numbers, and their prominence in recent task forces isn't unwelcome. Of course, after fighting them all through the first 20 levels of the game, and then fighting them in the most recent task forces, and then fighting more of them in the upcoming Issue 20... some players might be getting just a bit tired of seeing the war machines stomping about.

World of Warcraft has at least one troll dungeon per expansion, Star Trek Online loves its Borg, and of course you've got Orcs from dawn to dusk in Lord of the Rings Online. Sometimes they make sense; sometimes they don't. But there's always one group of enemies that seems to get trotted out more often than others. So what group do you feel gets brought into the forefront just a bit too often in your game of choice? Was it a group that you used to like but have grown bored of, or one you never found all that interesting?

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