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GoodReader for iOS update now provides Auto Sync

David Quilty

GoodReader, the popular document reader for iOS devices, has been updated to include auto syncing with iDisk, Dropbox, SugarSync or any WebDAV or FTP server. Users are now able to download documents and/or entire folders full of documents and mark them to automatically synchronize across all remote servers, making sure that anyone with access sees only the most up-to-date document versions. Supported document types include .pdf, .txt, .doc, html, images, audio/video files and even those from iWork '08 and '09.

Good.iWare president Yuri Selukoff said that "this entire update to GoodReader is dedicated to the 'Live on the cloud' idea," and I'm so thankful for that. I have been using GoodReader on my iPhone for quite some time now, and it has definitely helped me out of many a jam when working remotely on documents with co-workers. It's also popular with the TUAW staff here, as our own Victor Agreda, Jr. named it as one of the top five apps on his iPad, and Erica Sadun included it on her list of iPad apps to the rescue.

Interested in giving GoodReader a try on your iOS device? There are two different versions on the App Store, both priced at US$2.99 -- GoodReader v.3.2.3 for iPhone/iPod touch and GoodReader v.3.3.0 for iPad. Good.iWare says that v.3.3.1 for iPhone/iPod touch is in Apple's review as of this writing, so we should expect to see an update on the App Store any day now.

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