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38 Studios is looking for a few good men -- and women, too, of course!


38 Studios has kept its Project Copernicus MMO under tight security for a while now; however, we do know that the studio has some big names in its pocket. Comic book giant Todd McFarlane, award-winning author R.A. Salvatore, and baseball great Curt Schilling have already added their talents to the roster. Even the government of the state of Rhode Island is excited about what this team is doing, given the guaranteed loans 38 Studios was offered if it moved to the state.

Today, Lead Community Manager Charles Dane tweeted that the team is LFM. He posted, "38 Studios is looking for top tier talent. This is a great opportunity to join an awesome team!" A buzz over to the jobs page for the studio shows that it is looking for an abundance of people. QA, engineering, art, and even finance are on the list of departments needing minions. Who knows? Maybe you are the top-tier talent the studio is looking for.

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