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Arcana Heart 3 coming to North America as PSN download


Aksys did two things today to maintain its status as a favorite publisher among fighting game nerds: (1) announced that it's localizing Arcana Heart 3, the third game in Examu's bizarre anime-girl 2D fighting series; and (2) in that announcement, said that the game is being released on PSN in North America.

In doing so, however, the publisher also did one thing that might incite a bit of rage among some fighting game nerds: Aksys is only releasing the game on PSN (for PS3) in North America. In Japan, the fighter was released on disc for PS3 and Xbox 360. While it might be a loss for Xbox players, we're going to assume PS3 owners will be able to pick up the digital release for a bit less than it would cost them to import the disc version -- which sells for ¥7,140 ($86!).

If you're unfamiliar with the series, Arcana Heart 3 is a hand-drawn 2D fighter featuring a cast of 23 female combatants, who can be paired with 23 different "Arcana" spirits to augment their abilities. Arcana Heart 3 includes three characters new to the series: Weiss, Eko and Scharlachrot, as well as a new, optional simplified control scheme for new players. It'll be available this spring; and a trailer is available right now, after the break.

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