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Final Fantasy V announced for PSOne Classics (in Japan, of course)

Just when the U.S. was starting to approach parity with Japan in the arena of Final Fantasy titles on the PSOne Classics platform, we go and hear this: According to Andriasang, Final Fantasy V has been announced for PSN in Japan. The title is slated to launch this spring as a promotion for DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY, which has a Japanese release date of March 3.

The game will be the upgraded PSOne version of the SNES RPG, which received a standalone release in Japan but came to North America as part of the Final Fantasy Anthology. Of course, it probably won't make the trip stateside this time around -- though Sony has explained the reasons why PSOne Classics releases differ from country to country, it's clear that they straight cold hate us.

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