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Final Fantasy XIV celebrating the little ladies

Eliot Lefebvre

Thus far, the holidays of Final Fantasy XIV have closely paralleled those of Final Fantasy XI, and the latest holiday announcement continues that trend in probably the best way possible. After all, one of the charms of the older game has always been its unique and sometimes offbeat holidays, a tradition held over in the brand-new Little Ladies' Day. It's a chance for players to celebrate the coming of spring, blossoming trees, and of course, their diminutive feminine side.

The event will run from February 17th until March 3rd, and the announcement itself previews both the festive decorations for the event as well as the new crafting recipes associated with the holiday. As with previous holidays, there is also a piece of fiction detailing the origin of the revelry, a case of misconstrued motive within the sultanate of Ul'dah. Final Fantasy XIV players can look forward to the event in just a couple of days, an event that promises to provide some much-needed spring cheer along with a surfeit of tasty rice cakes.

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