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Pokemon Trainer Challenge brings the trading card game online


The problem with trading card games is that you have to have friends around to play them -- and, a lot of times, that means you actually have to leave the house. In a video game, roaming the world in search of Pokémon may be relatively safe, but out in the real world, there are certain dangers that need to be taken into consideration. Bears, diseases and cosplayers are all real threats.

That's why we're excited about the Pokémon Trainer Challenge, a new Flash version of the TCG coming to the internet near you this April. Using three pre-constructed decks, you'll be able to face off against 12 virtual trainers across three leagues in the online game, hopefully learning enough to keep you from embarrassing yourself at the next Saffron City Social.

Pokémon Trainer Challenge will require a free Pokémon Trainer Club account to play. You can find more details on

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