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Sesame Street Kinect game being developed by Double Fine


Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster will be brought to you this autumn by the letters D, F and K. Warner Bros. Interactive announced this morning that the children's television institution will be transformed into an "interactive experience" for Xbox 360's Kinect. The game will be developed by Double Fine Productions, the studio that's recently taken a new path with bite-sized downloadable titles like Costume Quest and Stacking.

Accompanied by Cookie Monster, Elmo and other fluffy residents of Sesame Street, you'll explore a "living storybook" (entitled Once Upon a Monster). Parents and children can get active in this journey through a set of minigames that encourage "dancing, jumping, flying and more."

From this initial announcement, it appears the game will be like an interactive Sesame Street episode. If Double Fine nails it, it holds serious potential for the studio that's only come close to having a break-out hit. Of course, if the series does take off (and remember, there's flying!) how is mom supposed to enjoy a quiet moment in the kitchen and a bottle of wine if she actually has to play along? Whatever happened to the good old days of television as babysitter?

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