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TERA unveils new class information and its plans for GDC


For a hack-and-slash-type MMO, TERA doesn't skirt around with the lore. Each of the player races has its own distinct personality traits. This week, En Masse Entertainment is talking about the High Elves. As a player race, the High Elves reward ambition and intellectual prowess yet frown on emotional outbursts. Despite being the last members to join the Valkyon Federation, these accomplished Sorcerers, Mystics, and Slayers will probably be running things for a while.

Speaking of classes, En Masse revealed more information about the Berserker and Priest classes. The team claims that, although a Berserker rages through his enemies, it is still a very tactical class to play. And despite the Priest's adept healing abilities, this class is still a terror on the battlefield, dishing damage one second then turning around the next to help keep his friends alive. Nine new images of these classes were added to the gallery below.

If this lore or these classes interest you, then you will be pleased to know that key members of En Masse Entertainment, along with a brand new demo of TERA, will be available at GDC in San Fransisco on March 2nd - 4th. If you are attending, you can be one of the first in North America to get your hands on this action-MMO.

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