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Vector Unit announces Riptide GP for Tegra 2-based Android devices


Vector Unit, the developer behind the downloadable Hydro Thunder Hurricane, has announced at the Mobile World Congress that it's bringing a new game called Riptide GP to Android devices, specifically those with Nvidia Tegra 2 chipsets. As you can see above, it's a futuristic watercraft racing title, and Vector Unit says that it's been able to do some impressive things effects-wise with the Tegra 2 architecture. Riders will be able to jump from wave to wave and race around "waterpark racetracks," all using console-style visuals on a mobile device.

Riptide GP is playable at MWC this week and will arrive sometime this summer. Check the gallery below for a few more screenshots of it in action.

Gallery: Riptide GP | 4 Photos

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