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EA prunes My Garden from 3DS lineup [update]


My Garden, EA's flora management simulator for 3DS, has been canceled. EA announced the death of what was supposed to be a 3DS launch title during an event in New York City today.

Though we currently don't have an official explanation for the game's cancellation, it's not hard to see why EA stopped watering this one: In our preview of My Garden several months ago, we described it as a "lifeless" game with a "jumpy framerate," "unresponsive controls" and "uncomfortable" 3D visuals.

Update: EA's official statement on the cancellation: "EA has decided to cancel Gardens for the Nintendo 3DS. We didn't feel the title would attract a large audience on that platform. EA is supporting the launch of the Nintendo 3DS with Spring releases of Madden NFL and The Sims."

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