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Sniper: Ghost Warrior scopes out a million sales


City Interactive has announced that the combined PC and Xbox 360 sales of Sniper: Ghost Warrior have crested a million units. The feat took seven months to accomplish, though the numbers certainly aren't shabby considering Sniper is City Interactive's first Xbox 360 title. A PlayStation 3 version is slated to arrive later this year.

A sequel, being built on CryEngine 3, was announced in January. City Interactive plans to bring the title to PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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NEW YORK, NY, February 16, 2011 - City Interactive is proud to announce that its highly acclaimed first-person shooter, Sniper: Ghost Warrior for Xbox 360 and PC, has combined to sell more than one million copies worldwide.

The strong results came within seven months of the game's official launch and bodes well for the upcoming introduction of the PlayStation 3 version. New promotions and lifecycle pricing for the game are in place to continue the robust sales of the current SKUs.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior for PlayStation 3 version combines elements from its best-selling predecessors and adds a multitude of extras exclusive to the PS3 platform.

"A lot of hard work and dedication by the entire City Interactive team went into the development of Sniper: Ghost Warrior, so we are understandably pleased about the worldwide success of the game," said Marek Tymiński, CEO of City Interactive. "This success is the perfect backdrop to reveal details about some of the fantastic games that we currently have in our development pipeline, including the sequel to Sniper: Ghost Warrior and a couple of unannounced projects."

The City Interactive team began working on the sequel to Sniper: Ghost Warrior back in early 2010, and has licensed the CryEngine3 game engine, one of the world's leading and most state-of-the-art game development tools. To capitalize on this opportunity, City Interactive has significantly expanded and strengthened the game's development team, and invited some of the world's most renowned outsourcing studios to collaborate.

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