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WoW Moviewatch: Pretty Fly (For a Draenei)


In reviewing classic, favorite machinima, Joe Perez stepped up and proposed Pretty Fly (For a Draenei). I don't know what it is about the draenei, but they absolutely seem to inspire the very best music videos. Of course, in a lot of ways, Nyhm invented the WoW parody music video, so it's appropriate that he sang for the entrance of everyone's favorite space goats.

I'm not sure this video was the best showcase for Nyhm's vocals, but the originality and energy in the theme more than made up for it. Nyhm was always able to hit the sweet spot between "having fun" and "poking fun," and Pretty Fly (For a Draenei) is a good example. The lyrics aren't actually pro-draenei, if you listen to them carefully, but there's still a certain fun and affection happening here.
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