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Joystiq Podcast recording live here at 3:00pm EST

Here we are, both a week older, a week wiser, and a week closer to death. While that thought frightens your (usually) fearless pals at Joystiq too, we know of only one way to get our minds away from the inevitable, unyielding march of time: talking about video games!

So join us back here at 3pm ET where we'll be doing our best to ignore our shared fate with discussion of the first PlayStation-certified phone, the Xperia Play, the new augmented reality Spyro's Adventure game, and that delicious Dead Island trailer. If going for a walk distracts you from dark thoughts of the abyss, then download the Ustream app on your iPhone, Windows Phone 7, or Android phone and take us with you. No, on your walk, not into the vacuum of oblivion! Man, we're getting freaked out again.

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