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Back to the Future is Telltale's 'most successful' franchise


At a recent press event, Telltale Games' Steve Allison boasted that Back to the Future has been a real boon for the developer. "It's certainly our most successful franchise to date," the SVP of marketing revealed, without offering exact sales figures. Telltale credits the game's early success to a variety of factors, including a strong license and excellent voice talent. (We certainly weren't the only ones amazed by AJ LoCascio's Michael J. Fox impersonation.)

The first episode in the Back to the Future adventure series launched in December on the PC. Just this week, the second episode launched, along with an iPad and PSN release of the first episode. "We're pushing it out to as many people as we can," Allison concluded.

You can check out the first episode for free: Just head to and use that 121GIGAWATTS code.

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