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Gran Turismo 5 patched to 1.06, Remote Racing enabled


If you prefer to keep a safe distance from your driving sims -- or consider them an adequate venue for expressing your obsessive, controlling nature -- you should have someone pop in your Gran Turismo 5 disc today. According to the official site, an automatically administered patch (bumping the game up to version 1.6) enables support for Remote Racing, a mode that allows you to manage drivers in B-spec races via the Gran Turismo website. You could be earning money at work right now.

In addition, the patch allows tracks from the Course Maker to be used in online races, which also dole out more experience points. Gran Turismo 5 v1.6 supports multi-monitor, multi-PS3 setups, and claims to have optimized the speed at which games are saved. It's a significant (and free) update, so be sure to have your assistant read the full documentation and report back to you.

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