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LittleBigPlanet 2 'Hansel & Gretelbot' pack out now, 1.01 patch detailed


Grab a caffeinated beverage and fire up your PlayStation 3, as the free LittleBigPlanet 2 community level pack is now available for queuing up on In case you missed our announcement post, we'd like to remind you that this "Hansel & Gretelbot" pack was hand-crafted by some of the LBP community's finest -- the levels promise "full story, cut scenes, voice acting, original score, and lots of prizes to collect."

In addition to announcing the release of Hansel & Gretelbot, PlayStation Blog has detailed this past Monday's 1.01 patch for LBP 2. A mess of fixes were implemented in the update, most notably for some crashing problems and issues with LBP 1 DLC costumes. Check out the complete patch notes just after the break.

Fixes to LBP 2 in patch 1.01 (via Media Molocule)

  • Your Craft Earth should no longer obscure the pod when changing your PSN Avatar.
  • If your POD was missing, blocked, broken or contained any create objects it shouldn't have, it will now be reset to normal*.
  • The "Naux" glitch / corrupt Sackboy problem should now be fixed - your Sackboy will no longer be squishy and unable to swim!
  • DLC costumes and PODS that have been captured from community levels will no longer be selectable in pop-it. Anyone wearing a "glitched" DLC costume after patching will have it removed.
  • Several improvements to overall game stability have been made.
  • We've vanquished some evil code gremlins that were causing crashes and that has improved overall stability.
  • Info bubbles that have long text descriptions (e.g. The sequencer) can now be scrolled in a fixed width text box.
  • There is now a visual indicator showing how high a bounce pad will bounce you when tweaking it in Create mode.
  • Stickers and decorations that are placed on Sackboy only will not appear in the used objects page.
  • Level keys can now be deleted from Pop-it!
  • You can't watch the credits while already watching them after completing the game.
  • It should now be possible to re-enter your shopping cart if you accidentally signed out when it had some items in it.
  • Players will now be prompted to save the changes made to their level in Create when switching to Play Mode after having changed the Audio Reverb.
  • Emitting and destroying spawn points in quick succession should no longer make the game crawl into the corner and weep.
  • LBP1 sound objects should now be correctly imported when using the option to do so when booting the game.
  • It is no longer possible to access level links to LBP1 Story levels that you have hearted.
  • The Clank Costume has green eyes again!

*A more accessible "Reset Pod" option is now available should your POD become broken for some reason! To access it:
  • Pause the game / Press START
  • Go to the Settings Menu
  • Select Profile
  • Select "Reset Pod Decoration"

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