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Triple the class coming for Runes of Magic

Eliot Lefebvre

If you're a Runes of Magic player, you've got something big to look forward to in about a month and a half. The latest official podcast not only dates Chapter IV for an April 6th release (barring unforeseen technical issues) but discusses in more detail what can be found within the update. A new starting area for the game is certainly a nice piece of news, but it's not the centerpiece of the announcement -- that would be the fact that the update will be moving the game from its current dual-class system to a triple-class system.

The change might sound a bit subtle, but it's actually a rather large shift. Unlike the current system, which allows players to have a primary class active and a second class "in reserve," this system will give you two classes with full access to all abilities, with a third class in reserve. That means access to a much wider range of abilities -- rather than only having access to the general skills of a secondary class, players will have all the skills of two classes, with a third class of general skills on top. Runes of Magic players will want to listen to the announcement, starting at about 10 minutes into the podcast.

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