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EVE's Hulkageddon IV event begins today


Once or twice per year, EVE Online players across the world are gripped by the desire to destroy everything in sight. During the nine-day Hulkageddon bloodbath, players compete to destroy as many mining ships as possible. A variety of prizes are then handed out to individuals and corporations with the most kills or for special achievements completed during the event. The event was first organised by pirate Helicity Boson back in 2009, and so far it has been responsible for the destruction of several hundred billion ISK worth of Hulks and other mining ships.

The event has come under fire for promoting griefing, as the primary method of gaining kills is the use of suicide attacks in high-security space. Hulkageddon supporters argue that it's a perfectly legitimate way to play the game, and EVE's sandbox-style game design and rules do permit it. Whether you like it or hate it, Hulkageddon has become a regular EVE tradition. To avoid a grim fate, miners should probably take a break between February 19th and February 28th. Head over to the official forum thread for full details of the impending carnage and the prize fund available for participants.

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