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Los Angeles Apple stores offering exclusive headphones this NBA All-Star weekend


If you're around Los Angeles and need some new headphones this weekend, your local Apple Store has a deal for you. To celebrate the NBA All-Star Game, Skullcandy is selling its NBA All-Star Aviator headphones in Apple Stores exclusively, this weekend only. At $180 they're not cheap, but they are some serious premium headphones.

If you're the kind of person who likes owning exclusive gear, and you were planning on picking up a nice pair of headphones anyway, they're yours to hunt down and buy... unless you're an NBA All-Star player, in which case Skullcandy is giving you a set already, personalized with your own signature and jersey number. Most of us aren't NBA All-Stars, so everyone else will have to head out to the mall. If you do pick up one of these this weekend, let us know how it goes. This seems like a weird deal for Apple to host officially, considering the small potential audience.

[via 9to5Mac]

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