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Exclusive launch trailer for EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious expansion


Heroes of Norrath, heed the call of Al'Kabor. An ancient enemy once again threatens the world as we know it. The powers of fear were stolen, and only the twin Swords of Destiny can bring victory. But there is hope! A creature has appeared on the shores of Norrath to transport heroes to the continent of Velious, where the evil rests. If the enemy is defeated there, you can save the people of Norrath. Your destiny and the destiny of all are tied to the Destiny of Velious.

Tomorrow, Sony Online Entertainment will unleash its seventh expansion for the company's premier title, EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious. In celebration, SOE has released a brand-new video calling all EQII players to arms. It features narration from the Erudite Al'Kabor and boasts footage shot entirely in-game. We want to be the first to show you, the Massively reader, this exclusive trailer!

Follow after the break to get a glimpse of the Destiny of Velious expansion, then ride your flying mount over to the official website to find out how you can take part in saving the world.

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