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Nomad capacitive brush now available for iPad

Chris Ward

Some remarkable work has already been produced by artists using iPads -- David Hockney even mounted an exhibition in Paris of his iPad and iPhone paintings -- and the release of the new Nomad Brush should only increase their creativity.

Until now, artists have been limited to using their fingers or eraser-like styluses, but this is set to change with the introduction of the Nomad Brush, which is made with capacitive fibers to give creative types the same "feel" as if they were painting normally.

Designed by artist and architect Don Lee, the US$24 Nomad Brush works on all capacitive screens, including iPhones, iPod touches and iPads (and even the Samsung Galaxy if you're tempted by the Android side).

"Nomad brush is carefully hand-crafted and made with exceptionally conductive materials," says Lee. "This allows the brush to be extremely responsive, making brushstrokes immediate and effortless on any capacitive touchscreen device." Check out the video below to see the brush in action.

[If your artistic leanings are more refrigerator door than the Louvre, keep an eye out for Crayola's new stylus offering coming later this year. – Ed.]

[via RazorianFly]

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