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Present PDFs with style using PDF to Keynote


So, your boss just dropped a 25-page PDF document into your lap for a presentation he is doing today using Keynote for iPad. In typical fashion, he needed it done yesterday, but is handing it to you now for a presentation he is doing in a little over an hour. He utters the obligatory apology for the delay and re-assures you with his vote of confidence when he says, "I know you will be able to get it done on time." While your blood begins to boil and you break out in cold sweat due to this looming deadline, you may want to take a few deep breaths and point your browser to the computer science department at Harvey Mudd College where you will find a handy tool called PDF to Keynote.

PDF to Keynote is a Mac application that takes a PDF document and converts it to Keynote format. Each page in a PDF file gets converted to its own slide within Keynote. Though you cannot change the text or images on each converted slide (they are imported as images), you can add in new slides and overlay content to spruce things up. Once you convert your PDF document to Keynote format and make changes to it with Keynote '09 for the Mac, you can save the document and sync it to your iPad using iTunes. The whole process should take 30 minutes tops, and your boss will be ready for his presentation. Even if you don't find yourself in this aforementioned situation on a semi-regular basis, it is worth keeping PDF to Keynote in your mental file cabinet as you or someone you know may need it for a future presentation.

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