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Upcoming PSN game uses crowd-sourcing for ideas


The Bearded Ladies, developers of Landit Bandit, want to turn your ideas into a video game. In collaboration with SCEE, the studio has launched Gamocracy, a project that seeks to take the best user-submitted ideas for use in a new action-platforming game for PS3 and PSP.

Over the course of eight weeks, there will be various challenges posed to the official PlayStation community. Currently, the developers are seeking concepts for the game's story and protagonist. Favorites selected by The Bearded Ladies will move on to a fan voting process. The best concept will end up in the final product.

Gamocracy should be a fun experiment for enthusiasts that want an opportunity to see their ideas come to fruition. However, the developers do caution that serious game authors should probably opt out of this promotion. "Once you submit your ideas to our forum, they are then free to be used by us or The Bearded Ladies in ANY manner, including in any other games and without any obligation to you. So, if your idea is secret and you would like to keep it that way, we advise you NOT to post it."

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