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Wakfu celebrates President's Day by detailing its political system

Jef Reahard

Unless you're a school kid or a federal employee, you might not have known that today is a U.S. national holiday. Yep, it's President's Day, and aside from being a spectacularly silly reason for taking a day off from work, it also marks an opportunity for the developers of Wakfu to hype the game's political system.

The upcoming MMO from the makers of DOFUS allows for players to run for the governorship of their nation, accessing privileged information on zone status, weather forecasts, and the number of mobs roaming the wilds. All of this info comes via interaction with Clan Member NPCs, and these select members of Wakfu's elite ruling class have been "granted special powers by the ancient gods," according to a new press release.

Potential player governors will need to declare their candidacy and gather votes, and if they're lucky enough to secure a victory, they will then have two weeks with which to "regulate laws and sales taxes." There's no word on whether Wakfu politicians can indulge in fiscal irresponsibility or illicit affairs, but player governors can declare war and attempt to conquer the territories of neighboring nations. Head to the official website for more info, and check out four new screens of the political system in action courtesy of our Wakfu gallery.

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