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Wirefly dropping AT&T sales next month for reasons unknown

Chris Ziegler

Wirefly -- one of the largest independent wireless retailers around -- has made waves in a post by CEO Andy Zeinfeld saying that they'll no longer be offering AT&T devices and contracts as of next month. The reasons for the move are unclear; Zeinfeld says that "circumstances prevent [them] from being able to deliver" on the company's customer service principles -- and considering that it's probably in Wirefly's best interest to offer as many carriers as it can in all but the most extenuating situations, there must be some serious drama going on here behind the scenes. We figure it could be a disagreement on commissions or the terms of Wirefly's contracts with its customers, but whatever the case, the company assures existing buyers that the terms of its guarantee still apply and that it "will work with AT&T toward the goal of offering their products and services again in the future."

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