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2200 rating PvP weapons now available for purchase


For those of you who live and die by the PvP sword, there's good news today: 2,200 rating PvP weapons are finally available for sale and use by level 85 characters. This, according to Community Manager Nethaera on the official Blizzard forums:

2200 Rating Weapon Availability

I posted this in another thread but wanted to post here as well so everyone is aware:

I'll be brief and direct. The PvP item vendors were a little slow on stocking their shelves. They should have them restocked shortly (give or take a few extra if need be.)

They should have these weapons available very soon. We'll keep an eye on things should there be further delays.

They should be available now. We'll be watching just in case any further issues arise with these vendors.

Shortly after Cataclysm's release, players' ability to equip and use 2,200 rating PvP weapons was removed from the game. The move was intended to prevent these high-level items from interfering with PvE progression -- Blizzard developers didn't want PvP to be a prerequisite to PvE raiding. Now that more and more players are entering (and downing) heroic raiding content, it appears that Blizzard developers are finally willing to allow these powerful weapons to be used.

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