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Breakfast Topic: Did you accomplish your Lovely goals?


Love is in the Air has come and gone, the Crown Chemical Company has been vanquished for another year, and everyone's Lovely Black Dresses are put away into the closet once more. After a rocky start (most likely because of a delayed patch 4.0.6), Love is in the Air brought about a few changes to the holiday formula, most notably the absence of higher-tier valor points from the Heart-Shaped Box. The holiday's signature mount, the Big Love Rocket, also saw somewhat of a drop in loot percentage, as opposed to the Headless Horseman's mount, which dropped like crazy this past Hallow's End.

I had one gripe with Love is in the Air this year: When a Heart-Shaped Box was empty, it was truly empty. In the past, you would get high-tier emblems for participating in the daily dungeon event, no matter whether there was other loot in the box or not. Since the changeover to points, the box remains empty while still crediting the player with said points. The problem is that no one likes to be told "you win nothing." It just feels ... odd to me. I would have very much preferred something in the box rather than nothing, giving me a sense of accomplishment. Rather than give the player a message that essentially boils down to "you lose," I would much rather Blizzard give us the points, maybe five Love Tokens for buying holiday items, and then the random number generated extra loot, if it's in the box that particular time -- that way, there's always a tangible prize in the loot window. I'm not saying Blizzard should up the drop rate of loot, but rather to always have something in the box pertaining to the holiday so we don't get such a depressing message.

Did you accomplish your holiday goals this year? Were you one of the lucky few to grab a Big Love Rocket from the holiday dungeon daily? Are your newly rolled goblin and worgen characters well on their way to What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been?

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