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Dead or Alive: Dimensions touch screen controls designed to reduce stress


The touch screen controls in the upcoming 3DS fighter, Dead or Alive: Dimensions, may seem like sacrilege to brawler fans, but developer Team Ninja seems confident that they cater to many different players. The controls allow players to execute any technique or combo with a simple tap, essentially throwing practice out the window. Speaking to Siliconera, Team Ninja's Yosuke Hayashi noted that the touch-screen controls were implemented to "give players a chance to enjoy the beauty of 3D fighting games without having to work out too much to get to [a high level of skill]."

He added that different players can use the controls in different ways; obviously, the controls offer an easy way to deliver combos "without much stress," but they can also be used to help players memorize combos or remember ones they may have forgotten. Based on our own experience with the game, we know of at least one other function for the touch screen -- a "win" button.

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