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Kmart wants to send you to E3

Justin McElroy

You were all set. You had cleared your schedule for the week of E3, you had sharpened your preview-writing pencils and even sprung for a fedora with a card that said "Press" in it. Everything was in place ... until you learned that the 27 rabid fans visiting your site daily weren't enough to get you into the show.

Though your blog may have been too small to satisfy the ESA's now stricter requirements for entry, you just might have one last shot at getting into E3, courtesy of an unlikely source: Kmart. The retailer's gaming blog KmartGamer is using its heft to bring three lucky writers to the event (including paying for airfare and hotel). Writers will cover the event for their own outlets, though their work will be reposted on KmartGamer.

Those who think they're blue light special enough can apply by commenting on the KmartGamer post before March 30.

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