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Memory of Colors is a coffee table book on an iPad

Mel Martin

Memory of Colors is a photographic celebration of the diversity of man in a wide variety of colors. It's the result of a 12 year project by photographer Jaime Ocampo-Rangel as he visited 18 countries to photograph the diversity of people. The app, which was released today, is a stunning series of portraits, with information on the countries and customs of the people pictured via Wikipedia.

In today's digital and connected world, diversity is under threat, so hopefully these pictures won't be a catalog of people from our past.

The app should appeal to photography lovers and anyone interested in our cultural differences. The app has a very inviting GUI. You can email photos, send them to Facebook or Twitter, or use them as wallpaper on your iOS device. There are about 1300 photos, and they are tagged so that you can search by country, or even the predominant or thematic color of the image. You can browse the photos, look at slide shows and see where the photos were taken on a map.

Gallery: Memory of Colors | 7 Photos

I'd like to see the developers think about adding more images to the app when it is appropriate. That would make the book a living document rather than a static collection of photos. Even as it is, the book is enlightening and thought provoking. It's on sale for a limited time for US$0.99, which is very fair for the quality of the content. I've put some sample pages in the gallery, but the compressed versions don't do justice to the quality and beauty of Memory of Colors. The app is universal, and it works fine on the iPhone and iPod touch, but to really appreciate the images, it's best on an iPad.

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