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Road Rash revisitation artwork surfaces on former Bizarre artist's portfolio


Back in 2006, EA was exploring the idea of a new Road Rash game. Aside from the video evidence that surfaced back in late 2009, we now have some new concept art and mock-up pieces to ogle from Liverpool-based artist, Richard Cook -- after leaving EA, Cook spent a few years working with Bizarre Creations on The Club and Blood Stone.

Being back on the job market has brought some attention to Cook's portfolio; these pieces seem to suggest EA was aiming to have big environmental set pieces in the game (the tornado above and a speeding train are a few), with one piece of concept art in particular showing a branching path where players could potentially take different routes in a level.

Sadly, it looks like this is all we're going to see on this version of Road Rash. The project was canceled back in 2006 and the studio responsible, EA Warrington, has since been shuttered.

[Image credit: Richard Cook]

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