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Winnitron 1000 brings exclusive indie arcade games to GDC


The Winnitron 1000 is an arcade machine that houses indie games you won't find anywhere else, including two-player versions of Canabalt and Super Crate Box. Usually, the only way to experience these games is to visit the machine's home at the LoPub in Winnipeg, but the collective that created it occasionally takes it on tour to events -- like, say, the Game Developers Conference.

As much as we hate to publicize this and increase our own time spent waiting in line, the Winnitron 1000 will be playable at GDC, in booth 1137. That booth will also be home to a series of talks by indie luminaries Vlambeer, Adam Saltsman, Kyle Pulver, Chevy Ray Johnston, and the Indie Game: The Movie crew. We hear you'll be able to hear these talks best from just outside of the Winnitron line.

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