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World of Tanks progression detailed in third video tutorial

Jef Reahard

The video tutorial series for World of Tanks is rolling right along, as has just released the third installment of its ongoing series. The latest update is called Progress, and it's all about unlocking your tank's potential and acquiring bigger and badder equipment.

As each World of Tanks battle comes to a close, the game presents your personal achievements in the form of tanks destroyed, vehicles damaged, and vehicles spotted. These numbers are used to calculate your experience and credit gains, which in turn go toward researching modules and upgrading armor. All tanks have five basic module slots, which are accessed when you click research and select from a list of available upgrades. Advancement takes the form of progressing through research tiers and unlocking new tiers by participating in battles.

World of Tanks also features an experience curve for your NPC tank crew. Leveling your crew members up enhances their overall performance, and once they've reached 100% in their basic skills, the advanced skills of repair, firefighting, and camouflage become available. Click past the cut for more details courtesy of the new video.

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