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Apple holds shareholder meeting, Tim Cook presides


Apple held its latest shareholder meeting in Cupertino today, and while Jobs was apparently in attendance (and re-approved as a board member, along with William Campbell, Millard Drexler, Albert Gore, Andrea Jung, Arthur Levinson and Ronald Sugar), Tim Cook was the one overseeing the proceedings. The shareholders also voted to keep Ernst & Young LLC as the accountants of record, and a vote about executive compensation was also approved. One proposal brought up by the shareholders suggested that Apple should publish a detailed succession plan for the CEO position, but that vote didn't pass.

In the just over an hour meeting, shareholders also wished Steve Jobs well in dealing with his health issues (to a round of applause), and they also brought up the recently announced subscription plan, suggesting that if Apple lowered its 30 percent cut on content purchased through the iTunes store, newspapers would have an easier go of it. The board reportedly didn't have a response for that, but for those developers and content publishers who feel the deal is unfair, it'll be good to know the shareholders are representing those concerns at least.

All in all, it sounds like business as usual in Cupertino. Apple holds one of these every year, and it's rare that major decisions get made or announced during a meeting open to shareholders.

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