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Gearbox is looking to give Duke Nukem Forever credits where they're due


Gearbox, we think you know not what you do. Duke Nukem Forever has been in development for, like, eleventy hundred years and now you're opening Pandora's Box; giving all of the developers, contractors, community members and anybody else who feels they have a worthwhile contribution claim a chance to be in your game's credits is noble, but perhaps too difficult an undertaking. We just hope you have more than one person on the job doing the research. Poor interns.

Still, a good deed never goes unnoticed and Gearbox's survey looking to call out those who helped this storied sequel along the way is commendable. If you're one such person who feels entitled to the back-pat, you can take the survey for yourself right here. Oh, and before you ask, we're pretty sure "I got Balls of Steel" won't get your name in the game.

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