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Ignite munching on its way out, one way or another

Michael Sacco

If you're a fire mage, chances are good that you've had to deal with an annoying bug that's been dubbed "Ignite munching" -- essentially, you're not getting the full benefit from Ignite due to Venus being in retrograde, or swamp gas reflecting off a weather balloon. Or something. I read the Wowpedia article, and I still don't really understand the bug. But Blizzard does, apparently! And they want to fix it.

Community Manager Bashiok says that the likely route will be simply making it so Ignite can't proc off periodic damage, which in theory shouldn't be a DPS loss at all, since Ignite will actually work at that point. If it does turn out to be a DPS loss, he says they can always adjust fire DPS in other ways.

So when can you expect the change? A future patch, apparently, since Bashiok says that this is the kind of thing they just don't like to hotfix, due to the unintended consequences it might have. At least it's in the pipeline.

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