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The MacBook Air: A professional photographer's best friend


It's good to see that it's not only the geeks here at TUAW who are in love with the MacBook Air. Photographer and blogger Derrick Story at Macworld also has a great fondness for the lightweight Mac, although he's using it for more than just blogging.

Story today published the second of two posts about using the MacBook Air as a professional photographer's tool. The first post answers the question "Is the MacBook Air powerful enough for a professional photographer to use everyday?," while the second focuses on the workflow that Story uses with the MacBook Air.

In the initial post, Story notes that both the 11.6" and 13" models of the diminutive Mac not only fit in a camera backpack easily, but have the power to run iPhoto '11, Aperture 3, Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Adobe Lightroom 3. He had earlier written a post about using the iPad as a professional photographer's tool, but now feels after using the MacBook Air that the added power and storage make it the ultimate addition to the camera bag.

Today's post features the workflow that Story is using. He basically uses the MacBook Air to offload photos to Aperture or Lightroom while in the field, and then "offloads cargo, namely photographs and video, to the mothership."

If you're a professional or skilled amateur photographer, check out the Macworld posts for more information.

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