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Video game museum uses Kickstarter to find a home in San Francisco


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San Francisco's Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment is an organization "dedicated to the preservation of video games, and the presentation of games as art," but it has a problem: it's currently homeless. The MADE has a growing collection (some of which can be seen above) and a slew of ideas for programming (like classes, talks, and gaming parties), but needs "a safe space near public transit" to call its own.

And so it's taking to Kickstarter, where you can donate to help the organization towards its goal of raising $20,000. A measly $5 gets you a ticket to the museum if and when it opens; $1000 or more will put your name on the wall. In between, you can get access to a pre-opening party, or nab some signed games, T-shirts, and stickers. It sounds like a good cause if you're in San Francisco and happen to be the kind of person who'd like to visit a museum designed for video games.

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