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Want to write for us? Engadget is looking for a full-time, New York-based Editor

Laura June

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Yes, it's true, Engadget is hiring. In fact, we're looking for a full-time editor. There are a few requirements which differ from our usual call for applications, so we wanted to state them up front: we're hiring a full-time, New York-based editor, and we want that person to have previous experience writing about technology professionally. We'd love to hear from you, so read on below to find out how to apply.

First up, a few requirements -- there are just a few, but they are absolute must-haves (as stated previously).

  • You must live in the metropolitan New York area (or be willing to relocate here!).
  • You must have experience writing about technology.
If you do not meet these requirements, please DO NOT apply. We'll let you know when we're hiring for other positions.

About the position: This will be a full-time, salaried position, working for Engadget's parent company, AOL. This means health benefits and the whole nine yards. We can talk more about that once you've jumped through our hoops, but know up front that this is a job that requires almost endless dedication, a lot of hours, and a ton of work. You should also have good social skills, since you'll be required to attend meetings and maintain relationships with PR and company contacts.

To apply, send an application email with the following:
  • A resume (either in the body of the email itself or as an attachment is fine).
  • A cover letter with links to your previous work.
  • A few words about how you think Engadget differs from other technology news sites out there.
  • If you have any questions, email lauraATengadgetDOTcom directly.

We also apologize, but the sheer volume of applications makes it difficult to respond to everyone. If we're interested we'll get in touch, and thanks in advance!

To apply to Engadget, please send us an email at jobsATengadgetDOTcom with the phrase "Spring jobs" (no quotes) in the subject!

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