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Free film series at NYU Game Center kicks off tonight


If you live in the New York City area and still haven't visited NYU's Game Center for one reason or another, well, we're very disappointed in you. Luckily, several upcoming opportunities to head down and geek out amongst colleagues were announced on the Game Center's blog, starting tonight with a screening of short film "Play!" at 7PM EST.

Subsequent film screenings -- in the theme of gaming, as you might imagine -- are scheduled to follow in March and April, with "I Got Next" closing out the film series on April 14. If the screenings themselves aren't enough, some of the films will feature a Q&A with that night's director. And hey, if that still isn't enough, there may be free refreshments. But you don't wanna be that guy, do you?

A full listing of the film series can be found after the break.

"Play! on Feb. 24 – This short film that imagines a not-too-distant future where video games have become indistinguishable from reality. A collaboration between between filmmaker David Kaplan and game designer Eric Zimmerman, this film uses videogames as the metaphor for the very human search for meaning and identity.

Beyond the Game on Mar. 10 – This documentary looks at the culture of high level, high stakes Warcraft III. Following to of the top players, Grubby and Sky, up to and beyond their meeting at the championship match of the World Cyber Games.

GET LAMP on Mar. 31 – A documentary tracing the history of the text adventure, this film examines some the most important moments in the forms development and talks to some of its most influential creators.

I Got Next on Apr. 14 - Our final film takes a look at the Street Fighter scene, and the players who make it one of the most vibrant gaming communities in the US. It follows the resurgence of the fighting game scene after the release of Street Fighter 4 through the eyes of some of its top competitors, including Justin Wong and Mike Ross."

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