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Fruit Ninja and Max Adventure for iOS updated with new content


Two of TUAW's favorite App Store apps (and probably yours as well) have been updated with new content. Halfbrick's Fruit Ninja has a few new swords to play with, including one that plays piano music as you swipe. There are new leaderboards to fight your friends (and everyone else) on for the Classic and Zen modes. Great free update for a terrific app -- no wonder it's sold 6 million copies (inspiring Halfbrick to build up an orchard in order to pay back karma for all that destroyed virtual fruit).

Imangi's great Max Adventure dual-stick shooter has also been updated with a new survival level and a few performance improvements and bug fixes. More importantly, it's on sale right now for just 99 cents, so if you haven't grabbed this one yet, now's your chance. I just picked it up again recently, and despite the kid-friendly graphics and storyline, the action and progression are a lot of fun.

We've got appointments with both Halfbrick and Imangi at GDC next week, so stay tuned to hear what's coming next from these two great iOS developers.

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