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Patch 4.1 PTR: The return of Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman

Alex Ziebart

Were you one of the many players lamenting the loss of Zul'Gurub? Did you enjoy Zul'Aman back at level 70? Well, good news! They're back in patch 4.1, which has just hit the PTR this evening. The patch description first appeared on the WoW Taiwan community site and will be rolling out across all regions within the next 24 hours. The PTR download is around 5 GB, so if you're planning on participating in this PTR phase, you might want to start downloading as soon as you can.

The Google Chrome translation of Taiwan's patch description (and extremely rough, barren patch notes) is behind the cut below. The translation is rough, but we'll comb through it shortly to clean up the language. We've cleaned up the translation to their best of our ability, so it should make a lot more sense now.

Keep an eye on WoW Insider throughout the day, as we'll be bringing you patch coverage all day long.

Patch 4.1 from WoW Taiwan
The first major patch of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm's development has been nearly completed! We are ready to test the patch on the test servers. You might be asking: what is on the patch 4.1 test server? Let me tell you!

Gurubashi tribes return

Originally released in patch 1.7 as a 20-man raid, Zul'Gurub will once again open its doors with a new story, new encounters, and improved items! Zul'Gurub is now a level 85 5-man dungeon. To provide more advanced content, players can find ilevel 353 epic items in these dungeons. The average ilevel requirement for this dungeon is 346 when queueing for it in the dungeon finder.

The Return of Zul'Aman

Zul'Aman, a player favorite 10-man raid at level 70, returns as a level 85 5-man dungeon. Zul'Aman will drop ilevel 353 epic items, and requires a minimum average ilevel of 346 to queue for it in the dungeon finder.

With the return of Zul'aman, you may be curious, can you once again get the rare mount? We are please to announce a new version of the rare raptor, tiger and bear mounts, while the older mounts will still retain their uniqueness. We will share more information about how to obtain these mounts in the future.

Class Design

4.1 Although we hope to update the balance to make more small changes, but you can still expect to see a number of updates. The following few things we can now share with you. Keep in mind that these changes do not represent all the 4.1 updates, the test does not mean that the initial version of the update files.

First, we want to hurt the natural range of different attack to make a better balance. You can expect to see in the testing process for this change. (WoW Insider editor's note: I have no idea how to decipher these two paragraphs. I assume it just boils down to, "woo class changes, y'all.") Edit: Reader John says this paragraph is in regards to wanting to equalize players' AOE spells.

  • Warriors: Inner Rage will now be learned at level 56. It was originally used to salve the problem of excess rage, but didn't have the right effect on the warrior. We've given the warrior a new level 83 skill: Rallying Cry
  • Warriors: Colossus Smash now ignores 70% armor instead of 100%. We'll raise the damage on Colossus Smash and other attacks as compensation.
  • The glory of the Word: We hope that punishment and protection paladins themselves or others can make a reasonable treatment, but we know that Holy Paladins sometimes, in some cases can only be used in treatment. We prefer to leave these two talents can be used to damage St skills, and occasional treatment. (Editor's Note: I have no idea what this says except that it's about Word of Glory. Punishment paladins are probably retribution. They want to address retribution and protection paladins using Word of Glory? Word of Glory gets a 20 second cooldown for non-holy paladins so that's most likely it.)
There is more on the way. We're still developing more features and making balance changes in patch 4.1. We will be making continued updates to the test realm with further developments.

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