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Barnes & Noble updates Nook Android app, promises a Honeycomb version this spring

Joanna Stern

On the heels of the announcement that it's grabbed 25 percent of the US e-reader market, Barnes & Noble has decided to give the world a heap of details on its Android developments. First up, we've got an updated Android app, and while it's not exactly a drastic upgrade, version 2.5 has been refreshed with a new library grid view (apparently optimized for 7-inch tablets), a book download progress bar, and a wish list feature. We told you they were rather minor updates, but our guess is that the Nook Honeycomb app that's being promised for some time this spring will be far more exciting. Yep, it's a lot of B&N Android, but while we're on the topic, we've got to admit we're wondering about the whereabouts of that Nook Color app store, which was announced back in October. Look not everyone has taken to rooting, okay? Alright, we've totally digressed -- hit the gallery below for some screens of the new app or the source link to try it out on your own.

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