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Blood Moon event running in Champions Online

Eliot Lefebvre

Why are you still alive in Champions Online when everyone else is dead? Because you follow the rules. Rule number one -- cardio. The ones without travel powers are the first to go. Rule number two -- double-tap. You never know when someone's going to claim the other zombie you want to kill, after all. Yes, the Blood Moon is rising once again, and that means a few days of zombie-killing fun for the heroes of Millennium City.

Running for the first time since the game's free-to-play conversion, the event is currently open and will run until 11:59 p.m. PST on Sunday. The full outline of the event lists all of the rewards open to players who take part in thwarting the onslaught of undead, werewolves, and other dark magic. Champions Online players can log in and start enjoying the madness right away, and of course the game's business model means anyone can jump in for a bit of event fun.

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