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Engadget: iPad 2 thinner, faster, has cameras, no SD slot or high-res display


Our buddies at Aol Tech sister site Engadget have heard some details from very reliable sources (Engadget's Joshua Topolsky notes "these sources have been dead right on specific Apple plans and specifications for unannounced products in the past") regarding the second-generation iPad that will be announced on Wednesday, March 2.

We've all been expecting that the new iPad will be somewhat thinner and feature at least a front-facing camera for FaceTime, but according to the Engadget sources, the planned SD slot and higher-resolution display will have to wait for a future device.

The good news is that the sources are stating that the iPad 2 will have more RAM at 512 MB, which means fewer app crashes when multiple apps running are at the same time. It's also expected that the new device will be moving to a new generation of the Apple-designed CPU, rumored to be named the A5.

Engadget is also speculating that an announcement and demo of iOS 5.0 and the associated SDK will be made, although the new iPad will most likely ship initially with iOS 4.3 loaded. Any speculation about updated cloud services is just that -- speculation.

Whatever Apple has up its spacious sleeves for us next Wednesday, you'll find the best coverage here at TUAW. Be sure to join us as we liveblog the iPad event.

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