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Samsung Galaxy S II gets very preliminary, expensive UK pricing

Vlad Savov

Don't go jumping off the Android sailboat just yet, these are very early numbers, but the Samsung Galaxy S II has been priced by a couple of UK retailers and the category they've placed it in is the distinctly high end. Expansys is listing £630 ($1,020) for the Gingerbread-sporting unlocked handset, while has it at £600 ($971) and is promising a March 31st release date. Even if you're zany enough to put the cash up for a pre-order today, do take note that Play was showing the cost at £650 (with £670 RRP) only yesterday, so pricing still seems to be fluctuating and finding its sweet spot. Whatever happens, with such a high starting point, we doubt the S II's price will be its most attractive attribute at launch.

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