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Exclusive: MapleStory video preview of upcoming class

Eliot Lefebvre

New classes and new abilities are always a good thing. MapleStory is already full of classes and abilities, but the upcoming Aftershock update will be adding in a new set of abilities for the Cygnus Knight class. Players who have attained level 120 in the class will be granted the option of making a new character of the Ultimate Explorer class, a character starting at level 50 and bypassing the early training levels for veteran players.

The fine folks at Nexon have put together a preview showing off some of the new abilities and attacks players will be able to enjoy in the new update, animated with MapleStory's usual aplomb. While it's a bit on the short side, it should still give a picture of what new destruction can be wrought in the game's side-scrolling regions. Click on past the break for the video, and keep an eye out for further news as the patch gets closer.

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