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Just Add Water working on four Oddworld games for this year


After news surfaced last summer that Gravity Crash developer Just Add Water is working on multiple Oddworld projects, we wondered just what the UK-based dev had up its sleeves. And while we already heard about remakes of Stranger's Wrath headed for PlayStation 3 and Abe's Oddyseey for unknown platforms, a post on the company's official site meant to solicit new talent also revealed that said talent "would be working on various Oddworld Inhabitants-based projects, with four to be released THIS year [their emphasis]."

Given that we know of two other Oddworld titles getting remakes -- notably the first and the last of the series -- it stands to reason that Abe's Exoddus and Munch's Oddysee are also getting the HD treatment. Just Add Water is staying mum for now, though, instead choosing to tantalize us with vague blog posts. That said, don't go getting your hopes up for that long awaited new entry in the Oddworld series -- last we heard, it was "on hold."

And hey, if you're a programmer or artist in the UK with a penchant for working with strange creatures, Just Add Water's hiring!

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